Who We Are

Who We Are

Mind Health is a leader in emotional intelligence, resilience, and flourishing.  We provide powerful insights and strategies to empower both individuals and organisations to create significant and permanent change based on five key principles of Mind Health.

Mind Health™ is the creation of Richard Black. He takes an innovative approach, bringing together leading insights from psychology and counselling, and about 30 years of working with people. He is sought after as a communicator, trainer, counsellor and coach. He leads a team focused on empowering people to transform their world.

What We Do

What We Do

Our goal is to enhance the wellbeing, resilience, and capacity of people and organisations throughout New Zealand. We do this by offering customised training and coaching that empowers individuals and organisations with insights and strategies to transform their world – at home and work.

Our unique approach is the result of evidence-based research and decades of working with people. We know what works in practice, and deliver training in an engaging way that helps people grow beyond their frustration to become the best they can be.

“We're here to help you become the best version of you.”

Richard Black, Founder

What is Mind Health?

What is Mind Health?

Mind Health™ is having the clarity of thought and perspective that stimulates an optimal state of wellbeing. This state of wellbeing influences all aspects of life from your emotional world to your working world.

In other words, Mind Health™ is all about creating the best version of you.

The principles of Mind Health™ come from research and many decades of working with people. They have already transformed hundreds of people who feel they are at “the bottom of the cliff” and need their lives rebuilt as well as clients who feel they are at “the top of the cliff” and want to excel.

Imagine your life without insecurities, limiting beliefs, and emotional reactivity. Imagine having true confidence, clear perspective, emotional resilience, healthy relationships and a resourceful mindset.

This is not a quick fix. Mind Health requires a mind-shift which then makes significant and permanent change possible.


Centred people are stable, confident people because they know their deep needs are met. They do not rely on other people or things others, to feel okay about themselves.

Mentally Resourceful

Mentally resourceful people maintain a helpful perspective, even in difficult situations. This enables them to be optimistic, flexible, and solution-focused.


Emotionally resilient people take ownership of their emotional response and regulate their emotional state. They are aware of what they are feeling, neither indulging nor denying their feelings.

People Smart

People-smart people function well within the relationship. They have healthy boundaries, speaking up for what they need, and balancing their needs with those of others.


Proactive people look for constructive solutions to difficulties or obstacles they are facing. They deal with issues quickly, and continually search for ways to make their preferred future a reality.

Mind Health™ Books

Mind Health™ Books

A centred person has a clear-headed ability to choose a response or course of action that is constructive and healthy in the long-term. They do not wait for a crisis to present itself before seeking help.

Centred will create and reinforce a strong foundation for people who are keen to live confidently and want to thrive in their lives.