4 Steps of Mind Health™ Coaching

With Mind Health Coaching many clients report rapid results with the issue they are facing. Your coach will provide you with practical tools and skills that you can begin using immediately.

Coaching sessions can be personally or professionally focused.

Sessions can be in person or via video call.

If you prefer, we also have Mind Health counsellors, who are professionally trained and qualified.

The fee for each session is $150 (incl GST).

Find A Personal Coach

1. Meet your Mind Health™ coach

When you request a Mind Health™ Coach, we carefully select one using the information you give us. Your coach will then get in contact with you and set up a session that suits you. Sessions can be face to face or online. Each session is 45-60 minutes.

2. Identify your goals

In your first session, your coach will get to know you and your needs. Together you will clarify your preferred future and set goals accordingly. These can be refined or changed as needed.

3. Set the frequency

There are no contracts and no minimum of sessions required. You decide how many sessions you need and when you want them. Because our coaches are in high demand, it is recommended that you book a series of sessions ahead of time so you don’t miss out or have to wait. You can change or cancel any sessions as needed, we just ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice.

4. Grow in your preferred future as we help support you

Your coach will use the Mind Health™ approach that will enable you to move beyond the symptoms and frustrations you are experiencing to identify the underlying causes. Your coach will help you harness your strengths, compile insights and strategies to guide your growth and enable you to excel. Your coach will journey with you to help you apply what you are learning and encourage you during times of uncertainty and any “speed bumps” you encounter. You will find your coach to be supportive, encouraging, and non-judgmental. We all want you to succeed at being the best version of you.