We are offering free counselling for young people, 5 to 24 years of age, through the I Am Hope funding scheme. This counselling is subject to funding availability.

To access this funding, follow these steps:


Choose the counsellor you would like to see:​


Joanne Ballingall

If you cannot find a local counsellor to access funding on your behalf, you can request online counselling with one of our counsellors.

Send your counsellor an email requesting I Am Hope counselling

State your age, gender, ethnicity and whether you are employed/enrolled in tertiary study/not working.

Your counsellor will apply for funding and contact you to arrange sessions if this has been approved.

About Our Approach

Our style of counselling addresses the key issues quickly and provides effective therapy.​  We use a blend of the leading insights from psychology and counselling. With clients who have a Christian faith we use a spiritual and biblical approach that supports their faith; with clients who are not, we don't.

The sessions are 1 hour long.​

Cancellation Policy

No cancellations or changes are possible online within 48 hours of your appointment. If you do not attend the appointment you have booked due to any reason, we do not receive funding to cover this. You will be charged a cancellation fee for missed sessions or cancellation/reschedules within 48 hours.