Mental health in the adult starts as mental health in the child.

There is power in children being able to name their emotions and regulate them where needed. These skills will help them grow into resilient adults.
There’s a Happy Moon in My Side has been written specifically to support parents, caregivers, counsellors and teachers to instil well-being principles in children. 

There's a Happy Moon in my Side

“One morning, when Lucy woke up, there was a Happy Moon in her side.”

This begins Lucy’s journey with her Happy Moon. She discovers the moon is a best friend-kind-of-moon who helps her in fun times and difficult times. The Happy Moon understands what she is feeling, helps her to see things differently, and suggests useful actions to take.

Written by Mind Health founder, coach and counsellor, Richard Black, and beautifully illustrated by Tepene Marsden, you will learn how to discover your very own Happy Moon.

Also included are tools for parents, carers, and educators to help your child’s Happy Moon shine, and grow their wellbeing and resilience.

The Happy Moon's Guide to Lockdown

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“[When we change your mindset] not only can we change your happiness but we can change every single educational and business outcome at the same time.”

– Shawn Achor, CEO, Good Think Inc.

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