The Wellbeing Specialists

Changing the state of our wellbeing by making mental health tools accessible
to our 5 million people in Aotearoa.

Grow Resilience

Withstand challenges, pressure and negotiate change

Enhance Your Relationships

Relate well even with difficult people

Transform Your World

Find your freedom and learn to thrive

Thriving Benefits Everyone

We want to see you thriving in your life – thriving at work, home, school, or wherever you find yourself. We believe that when a person thrives, everyone benefits. When people thrive it transforms workplaces, communities, and whānau.

We believe it is essential for everyone to have access to the core principles of wellbeing, resilience and emotional intelligence.

“This is what we do. We take a different approach to wellbeing that brings real change.”

The Wellbeing Specialists

Mind Health™ is a leader in emotional intelligence, resilience, and flourishing. We provide powerful insights and strategies to empower both individuals and organisations to create significant and permanent change.


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“[When we change your mindset] not only can we change your happiness but we can change every single educational and business outcome at the same time.”

– Shawn Achor, CEO, Good Think Inc.

Our Process

Because All Problems Have Solutions

Dive into our methodology, where we believe that every problem holds a solution. Our process is crafted to navigate complexities, ensuring tailored strategies for success.

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Unlock Solutions for Your Concerns

Therapy / Counseling

Navigate Life's Challenges with Support

Final Result

See Solutions Unfold, Achieve Your Goals


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38 Elizabeth Street, Riccarton, Christchurch, 8041

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Our clients

Discover the impact we’ve made on the lives of our clients. From personalised solutions to transformative outcomes, our commitment is to empower success stories. Explore the experiences of those who have journeyed with us.

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