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New insights and skills can lead to better work experience and greater productivity. Our workshops are focused on prevention and designed to equip your staff to develop their own mental-emotional well-being and overall emotional intelligence. Whether it is overcoming stress, growing resilience, or learning to communicate better with colleagues, we want to provide training that meets your specific workplace needs.

Presentations: One-hour Presentations Onsite or Online

These presentations give an introductory understanding and upskilling on key well-being issues. See the topic list below.

Customised presentations are also available.

Presentations can be geared to be in response to common themes coming from personal sessions.

Workshops: Four hours Onsite or Online

These are more in-depth workshops that guide the participant to better understand the topic and also to apply it to their own life for greater change.


Stress is common in workplaces. It not only impacts the person but also the business. Countless hours of work and productivity are lost each year due to staff feeling stressed. This workshop helps your people identify their internal causes of stress and equips them with practical tools to become stress-resilient. This workshop includes the content from both the stress and resilience presentations and focuses on helping your staff apply the principles to their own life and their specific work situation. Participants will come away with key tools to manage, reduce, and build resilience towards stress.


Communication is key to winning with customers and working productively with co-workers. How you communicate determines whether you are understood or misunderstood and whether people relate well to you or are annoyed by you. This workshop focuses on equipping staff with practical tools to communicate constructively with both customers and co-workers.  This workshop includes content from presentations on conflict resolution and constructive communication.

Coaching Conversations

Learn skills to journey with others and bring the best out of them. These skills can be used to help others process a personal issue and find the next step or can be used to develop others’ performances. This workshop covers four different types of listening, how to ask great questions, clarifying and setting goals, and creating buy-in. This is a practical workshop where you will experience using the skills taught.

Common areas we can help your staff grow in:

Personal Growth

  • Personal responsibility
  • Resilience
  • Operating with emotional maturity
  • Being proactive

Relational Growth

  • Understanding boundaries
  • Constructive communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Negotiating well and managing expectations

Operational Growth

  • Growth mindset
  • Purpose-focused behaviour
  • Constructive patterns of behaviour and Interaction
  • Sustainable and enthusiasm-based practice

Our training combines leading insights from the field. We keep the training engaging, enjoyable, and practical. Each person leaves with tools to grow themselves and the workplace environment.

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Note: Reduced rates are available for small businesses and not-for-profits.

One-hour presentations

Topics include:

  1. Overcoming Stress
  2. The Resilience River
  3. Conflict Resolution
  4. Constructive Communication
  5. Giving and receiving Feedback-Feedforward
  6. Handling Change
  7. Knowing your ‘Why’, Finding Your Fit
  8. Centred – living with Confidence
  9. Developing GRIT
  10. Being Proactive
  11. Relational Quadrants – unhelpful relating tendencies and how to change them
  12. Mindsets & The Power of Perspective
  13. Overcoming Unhelpful Mental Patterns Part 1
  14. Overcoming Unhelpful Mental Patterns Part 2
  15. Understanding Emotions – where do they come from and how do they work
  16. Understanding and Lifting Depression
  17. Understanding and easing Anxiety
  18. Understanding and de-escalating Anger
  19. Understanding Grief
  20. Understanding Trust & Forgiveness
  21. Caring without drowning

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