Pastoral Transformation Course: Christchurch

Pastoral Transformation Course: Christchurch

PTC is not just another course; it’s a unique opportunity designed to empower leaders and pastoral care teams like yourself. This course will help you enhance your inner world, elevate your team dynamics, and enrich your skills in nurturing the growth of others.

The course is broken into three, one week blocks, across the year:

Block 1: June 10-14 | 2024

Block 2: Sept 9-13 | 2024

Block 3: Nov 18-22 | 2024

The block course runs Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm.


85 Picton Avenue
Riccarton Christchurch

Course Fees

$1,600 + GST ($1,725 incl GST)

NB: This excludes any counselling or supervision sessions required.


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