Workplace Wellbeing Specialists

A Proactive & Prevention-focused Approach to Wellbeing in the Workplace

Reduce Mental Health Days

There is less need for mental health days when staff have the right mental health tools.

Enhance Work Relationships

Work-life is better when staff get on. We train people in the soft skills of communicating constructively and resolving conflict well.

Increase Productivity

When staff thrive the business thrives. We enhance people’s inner world so they are more present in their working world.

We make your life easier by keeping your people working well

Well enough to work → Reduce mental health days

Working well at work → Increase productivity

Working well with others at work → Enhance work relationships

We offer as-needed services to full wraparound support.

The Wellbeing of staff is great for business

“Study after study has demonstrated the increased productivity and the increased bottom-line dollar value to businesses that take a proactive approach to supporting people’s mental health,”

– Shaun Robinson, Chief Executive, Mental Health Foundation

Our Process


Free consult and needs-assessment

Let us know your objectives or issues to be addressed, and we share our suite of tools and programmes that will best meet your needs


Strategic plan and tailored pricing arrangement

Together, using the tools and resources of Mind Health 360 we help you chart a course towards a truly resilient and healthy workplace. Our pricing is tailored to fit your HR and Financial Structures.


Plan and deploy the strategic plan

Once we have developed the Strategic Plan for your organisation, it’s time to plan the roll-out. This includes setting priorities, timeframes, and the support you need to ensure a confident buy-in.


Evaluate and report

We help you track the value of your investment and summarise the outcomes through high-level report.

Mind Health 360 Guide

The Wellbeing Specialists

Mind Health™ is a leader in emotional intelligence, resilience, and flourishing. We provide powerful insights and strategies to empower both individuals and organisations to create significant and permanent change.


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